Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) | Jagadish Atole

Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA)

👉 Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DFMA) is a design approach that focuses on ease of manufacture and efficiency of assembly with minimum of effort, time and cost.

👉 Design for manufacture (DFM) involves designing the product’s constituents’ parts for the ease of manufacture. DFM is concerned with selecting the cost-effective materials and processes to be used in the production phase and minimising the complexity of manufacturing operations.

👉 Design for assembly involves design for products ease of assembly. DFA is concerned with minimising the number of assembly operations and reducing the products assembly cost.

👉 DFMA is a concurrent engineering team approach.

👉 DFMA ensures that the transition from the design phase to the production phase is as smooth as possible.

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