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Yes, most of the Mechanical Design Engineers complain about stagnant career growth, lukewarm salary hikes, lame projects, no overseas opportunities, no promotions and even if they try to switch the job, they struggle to crack job interviews with renowned design brands.

Most of the Mechanical Design Engineers like you might be victims of broken engineering educational system in India where Mechanical Design Engineering has been reduced merely to learning cad tools.


➥ This meme perfectly conveys pain of Mechanical Design Engineers in humorous way!

➥ If you too are struggling with same career dilemma, You are not alone here!

➥ This is a very common struggle of most of the design engineers today.


So, why many mechanical design engineers like you are stuck up in transactional cad work?

❌️ Either you are stuck up in the third party company which provide only cad services or

❌️ You are not able to pass job interviews with renowned brands due to lack of most in demand skills in mechanical product design.


(Success in Mechanical Design) = (Career Actions & Decisions) x (Most In demand Skills)


Listen! Now is the time to end these struggle once and for all!

DesignGekz certified -Master Diploma in “Plastic Design Professional (PDP)” offers “Concrete Framework & Plan of 6 Months in Live (Daily 1 hour) and 24×7 Online Mode” which has been tested and proven to learn core design and get job with renowned design brands.

➥ Whether you are beginner or looking to advance your mechanical design or CAD Engineering career, our training program is tailored to meet your specific needs.


📌 Comparison Plastic Design Professional (PDP) | Plastic & Sheetmetal Design Professional (PSDP) to help you select the right course for you.

Course SubjectsPDPPSDP
GD&T (Basic & Pro)✅︎✅︎
General Tolerance Selection✅︎✅︎
Engineering Fits✅︎✅︎
Mfg Process Capability (Cp, Cpk)✅︎✅︎
Tolerance Stackup Analysis (MRSS)✅︎✅︎
Automotive Design Process (APDD)✅︎✅︎
NPD | System Design Engineering✅︎✅︎
Design for Safety (DFS)✅︎✅︎
Design for Craftsmanship (DFC)✅︎✅︎
Design for Reliability (DFR)✅︎✅︎
Systematic Problem Solving (8D | A3)✅︎✅︎
Value Analysis & Value Engineering (VAVE)✅︎✅︎
Patent Filing Process (IP)✅︎✅︎
Plastic Design Domain ✅︎✅︎
Plastic Design Projects (12)✅︎✅︎
Sheetmetal Design Domain✅︎
PPAP (AIAG Manual)✅︎✅︎
Resume for Product Company✅︎✅︎
Job Search Assistance✅︎✅︎
Course highlights
Live Online Classes (hours)*120+ Hours120+ Hours
24×7 Course Content (hours)75+ Hours90+ Hours
24×7 Access in months12 Months15 Months
Unlimited Access Extension (Paid)✅︎✅︎
Number of Skill Certificates67
Learner Community Access✅︎✅︎
Quiz | Assignments | Assessment✅︎✅︎
Mentor Access to clarify doubts✅︎✅︎
WhatsApp Support✅︎✅︎
Call support (Need basis)✅︎✅︎
Job Search Assistance* ✅︎✅︎
Discount Offers on Fees*✅︎✅︎
EMI Options to pay fees*✅︎✅︎

Live online class timing :

9 pm to 10 pm (Monday to Friday)

Duration of Live Classes :

6 Months

EMI Options of Payment


100% Money-Back Guarantee

If you opt out of the course (in written) within first 5 days of Enrollment

“So, you have nothing to lose, but everything to Gain”


Having these powerful mechanical design skills on resume, could easily help you to get you a job with 30-50% salary increment with renowned design brands.

Considering your base salary of 4 lakhs, 30% salary hike is 1.2 lakhs.

So, ROI on PDP | PSDP course cost is at least 5X to 8X

Plus, you solve skill gap problem forever and build your design career on strong foundation.

Contact us now at @ (M) +91-9881521371 for Special Price Offers!


➥ Stop procrastinating now!

Choose to take action and take control of your design career.


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Design Engineering is a unique mixture of an art & engineering to deliver functionally working product which meets customer needs, solves customer problems, meets technology advances & adheres Government Regulatory needs of the country where product is sold.

Plastic Design Domain is the most in-demand domain across design industries.

➥ Almost every product in the automotive, home appliance, medical equipments, aerospace & furniture industries have plastic components in them.

Car interiors & exteriors aesthetic parts, User Interfaces & compartments of home appliances, cabin & interiors of airplane & furniture parts are all made up of plastic components.

EV Design is pushing the automobile industry to explore options to reduce the weight of the car. That is driving more use of plastics as it offers better strength to weight ratio as well as the better cost to weight ratio.

Plastic Design Engineering is a unique mixture of an art & engineering to deliver a functionally working product which meets customer needs, solves customer problems, meets technology advances & adheres Government Regulatory needs of the country where the product is sold.

➥ In order to achieve these objectives of plastic design, engineers must have knowledge & skills of manufacturing processes, tooling, design guidelines, plastic defect mitigation, material selection, plastic machining & post-processing, joining processes, Moldflow analysis along with core technical design knowledge, engineering & design process knowledge along with leadership, project management & soft skills.

➥ Design Engineers with this knowledge & skills are highly in demand in the automobile, home appliance, aerospace & furniture industries.

➥ MNCs, OEMs, Engineering service companies, MSMEs look for Plastic Design Engineers who have the ability to deliver functionally working designs with minimum supervision.

DesignGekz™ certified “Plastic Design Professional (PDP)” program prepares you to be industry-ready and brings education at your doorstep via our live online mode from the most recognised design leaders in the design industry.


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📝 To avail demo videos, detailed syllabus and discounts for Plastic Design Professional (PDP) training program, WhatsApp to Jagadish @+91-8329029492 | Kevin @+91-9881521371


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📝 To avail demo videos, detailed syllabus and discounts for Plastic Design Professional (PDP) training program, WhatsApp to Jagadish @+91-8329029492 | Kevin @+91-9881521371


Designgekz_Mechanical Design Corporate Training


PDP course is combo of 5 courses as mentioned above. Each course is covered in great details to build confidence in you to design any plastic or sheetmetal component as per NPD process, dimension each component in details using GD&T, verify & optimise assembly function with tolerance stack up analysis and perform failure analysis using DFMEA, followed by industry mock projects to practice.

➥ Unlock your potential, learn industry standard design techniques in plastic and sheetmetal domains and join the ranks of successful plastic & sheetmetal designers with our expert-lead training program.


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📌 What our students say about us (Testimonies about Designgekz)

➥ This is compilation of some interesting testimonies of our students out of hundreds of them.

➥ You can also read detail testimonies of our students on – Google Reviews


📌 About the Mentors

Kevin Kutto has 20+ years of global work experience in design.




Jagadish Atole is ME (Thermal) and Plastic design + CAD specialist.



📌 About DesignGekz:
. Registered Company with MCA, India
. Registered MSME with MCA, India
. Recognized ‘Skills Startup’ by Gov of India



📌 Payment Options:

. Option to pay the course fees in 3 Installments.

. Pay in full using Net-banking, UPI, Credit Cards, Debit Cards and get guaranteed discount.

. Pay with much smaller EMIs using credit cards with CCavenue | RazorPay Payment Gateway.


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➥ At DesignGekz™, we believe in the philosophy that no one should invest a penny until they experience the product and convinced that it is a right choice for them.

➥ That’s why we allow you to watch free demo videos, attend counselling session with our Design Specialist and understand the syllabus in details under each of the Course 100% FREE so that you enrol into the course only if you are 100% convinced and it produces great results.


📌 Why choose DesignGekz™ to learn Design Skills?

➲ Perfect package of industry-based curriculum with must needed plastic domain knowledge + core technical design skills + execution in projects + interview skills.

➲ Best in class fees + Instalment options to pay the fees.

➲ Learn from well recognised mentors in Design Industry.

➲ Mechanical Design Industry recognised certification program.

➲ Industry based design projects, workshops, seminars & assignments to make you job ready.

➲ Learn Job search tricks, Interview preparation & multiple mock ups to build your confidence.

➲ Guaranteed Discount on enrollment into the course.

➲ Unlimited access to mentors even after completion of the course.

➲ Evening Live class timings on Weekday | Weekends are most suitable for working professionals.


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DesignGekz™ is a registered trademark which belongs to DesignGekz Technologies Private Limited

[CIN – U74999PN2021PTC198648].

DesignGekz™ Technologies Private Limited is also a registered MSME by MCA, India.

DesignGekz™ is also a recognised “Startup” under “Skills” by Government of India.

We strive to change the landscape of design courses by moving away from cad centric trainings and replacing it with design domain based + core design skills based courses which are in demand by design industries.

Portfolios of DesignGekz™ Technologies Private Limited:

  1. Mechanical Design Domain Based Training Programs
  2. Design Recruitment Services
  3. Design Resource Outsourcing Services
  4. 3D Printing & Reverse Engineering
  5. Engineering Services
  6. Consultation for Design Technology Projects

DesignGekz™ provides 100% Unlimited Placement Support to our students.

What does it mean?

  • We teach best in class domain-based knowledge & skills to differentiate you from crowd with common CAD skills.
  • We help our students to prepare best in class resumes to highlight knowledge & skills you will learn during the course.
  • We conduct sessions to guide you to search job on job portals & LinkedIn along with HR & Technical Interview Q&A.
  • We prepare you to face interview with mock ups.
  • We spend one on one time with every student to guide them before each interview until you get the job.
  • We proactively approach companies so that they could consider you for their suitable openings
  • Our Inner Circle group has 250+ working  professionals who share referral jobs in their companies.


Even though DesignGekz™ is fully committed to help each of our students to get the job, the final outcome will always be dependent upon the market demand, company’s expectations from candidates, student’s academic performance & student’s level of preparation to crack the interviews.

DesignGekz™ is determined to bring education at your door step. Many Engineers have perception that classroom-based courses are better than online courses. But that’s not true.

We mentor students all across India and even countries like USA, Canada, Germany and UK which is not possible with classroom-based setup.

Live online courses offer many advantages compared to classroom-based courses as follows:

  1. In reality, mentors teach you live online via Google Meet sessions which is nothing different than live classroom.
  2. Students can ask direct questions to mentor during the courses as they can do in classroom-based courses.
  3. You can attend sessions from comfort of your home in online mode, whereas you have to relocate or travel for classroom-based courses.
  4. You get habitual of working with distantly located teams which will help you to work with teams located in other countries when you start working in the industries.
  5. It’s a money saver option, as you save on hostel + food + travel in most of the cases.
  6. You get to learn from best mentors across India whereas classroom- based trainings have limitations.
  7. Our 24×7 access provides flexibility and you still get to clarify all your question by connecting to mentors.


DesignGekz™ offers a FREE DEMO sessions so that you experience the course yourself before even you decide to enrol.

All the sessions of Plastic Design & New Product Design & Development Process will be live and 24×7 online.

All the sessions will be available for your study in 24×7 mode with unlimited access for the duration of the course, provided fees is paid in full.

The reason for limited access is to drive accountability to complete the course on time.

You can extend access of 24×7 course if needed by paying minimum platform hosting fees as low as approximately INR 299/- for 30 days.

We also conduct Live sessions for some the critical subjects in the course so that you get opportunity to interact with the mentors directly. These are the subjects where we feel interaction is required.

If you miss any of the live sessions, you can attend them with the next batches.

Each student will receive soft copy of verifiable certificate via email upon completion of the sessions.

In Plastic Design Professional (PDP) course you will receive certificate for PDP course, GD&T – Basic & Pro, Tolerance Stack up analysis, DFMEA, New Product Design & Development Process (5 certificates – as you keep on completing the courses)

DesignGekz™ is well known skill-center of excellence for the online design domain-based & core technical design-based courses and not a CAD centric institute.

What does it mean?  

How CAD is different than design engineering?


Visit our Blogs section to understand the difference between CAD & Design Engineer roles and responsibilities.
CAD tools help design engineers to simplify the execution of product design but they are still dependent on design engineers for inputs.

The first CAD tool was invented in 1957, while popular CAD tools like Catia & Creo were launched only after 1977.

Did product design exist before 1977?

Off course, 100% yes!
First automobile car, airplane, satellite, rocket & many popular monuments like Taj Mahal or Forts were designed and built much before even CAD was born.
CAD software keep on evolving almost every year but design principles hardly become obsolete.

If that’s true, isn’t it wise to put majority of your efforts in learning core design first and treat CAD as one of the tools in design instead of wasting your money and efforts in learning every CAD software exists on the earth.

And anyways, you will not be using all of them in your career. So then next question you might have in mind could be, how on earth the design companies will select fresher like me in an interview if I don’t have CAD knowledge. Isn’t it mandatory?

We ask our fresher students to master maximum two CAD tools but focus more on their practical application. CATIA and UG NX are very popular in automobile and aerospace industries while CREO is very popular in-home appliance industries. SOLIDWORKS too gaining popularity with medium scale industries.

Eventually, it’s not about how many CAD software you learnt will make a difference in an interview process but how much you master them in order to crack the CAD test, plus your command over core design skills will make the big difference.

Though we expect our students to take learning seriously and avoid missing the sessions, we also know that sometimes due to unavoidable situations there is a possibility that you will miss certain sessions.

In special cases, we allow you to attend the missed-out sessions with the next batches. For recorded sessions, you can access them in 24×7 format.

Yes, off course. You can complete the 24×7 online sessions as faster as you want.

Once you complete the course, we release your certificate.

Great part is that you will still get access for the entire duration of course even if you complete earlier.

Yes, off course. Extension is available with cost as low as INR 399/- for 30 days.

Extension prices could change as per service provider’s policies.

The purpose of limited access is to drive accountability in our students to complete the courses.

Our course completion rate is more than 90% which is way higher than other online platforms.

We always want to help students to learn knowledge and skills with minimum investments.

Our founder and Director Mr. Kevin Kutto started YouTube channel – Masterclass of Mechanical Design where he teaches design skills free.

Link of YouTube Channel:

But learning skill via course is very different experience than learning from YouTube.

During the course, mentors spend personal time with you and guides you which is not possible in YouTube.

Some engineers have perception – why should I invest money in course when knowledge is available free of cost on YouTube or in books.

Probably answers of these questions will help you:

  • Why more than 85% engineers don’t reach even beyond the middle level management positions in their lifetime?
  • Why most of the engineers choose to live their life with the peanut size salaries even though they have high potential?
  • Why most of the engineers can’t even spare dedicated time to read & watch so called free knowledge?
  • Why CAD engineers struggle most of the times to crack interviews with big brands in design industries?

Yes, engineers keep on hopping from one job to other but never reach to their true potential.

Courses provide structured way of learning. You need not think too much about what to learn, where to start and end.

Imagine, if you invest in developing highly paid niche skill and in return you grow in your career and salary by multifold, it’s not a bad investment all together.

Our courses have put together all the ingredients needed to build strong foundation of your design career.

Why choose to be left behind then? Why allow someone else to steal this opportunity from you?

On top of it, you can attend a FREE demo session & join the course only if you like the course or our mentorship.

Why not then, experience the course yourself, instead of putting off your ticket to success?

Procrastinating leads us nowhere. Learning is the best investment.

Saying “I don’t have time to learn because I am too busy working” is like saying “I don’t have time to fill gas in my car because I am too busy driving it”


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